Frequently Asked Questions 11/23/2013

Below are a list of FAQs we have received at Convoy Travel Agency. Feel free to contact us if your question is not answered below. 

Q .Why should I book my African Safari with the CTA?

A. Because if you do, we will give you and your family a FREE full Day Cape Peninsula tour with Cape Convoy Tours and complimentary Table Mountain tickets. That is the Cape Town part of your Vacation taken care of

Q. How does that work?

A. We get paid commission on your booking. We give you a rebate on the commission we earn from the Safari Lodge you book with

Q. I don’t see the Safari Lodge I am interested in listed on your website?

A. It doesn’t matter. You can just let us know where in Africa you are interested in visiting on Safari we will get the quotes on your behalf and organize the whole thing.

Q. Will it be more expensive booking with you then if I booked directly?

A. It will cost exactly the same. We will send you all the quotes and you can check the prices via the Safari Lodges website or directly with the Safari Lodge if you want to be 100% sure

Q. How do I pay?

A. Once you have decided on where you wish to visit. We will make the booking for you and you can pay the Safari Lodge of your choosing directly. You won’t need to send any money to us. We will invoice them ourselves for the commission owed

Q. I am not sure where to go on Safari; there are so many options that I am a little overwhelmed?

A. I understand that. Drop us a line and we will help you out. We have a wealth of knowledge and can help you find the correct Safari experience for your individual needs.

Q. Would you help me out with advice and guidance on any aspect of my African vacation? It would be nice to have a buddy in Cape Town whom I can call for advice

A. Of course, you have a friend in South Africa now

Q. I was planning of visiting the Cape of Good Hope, the Penguins and Table Mountain anyway while in Cape Town. Seems a bit daft to pay for it when I can have the best tour company in the world Cape Convoy take free of charge at no extra expense to myself

A. You got it!


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